Mind Sync Business Packs


  • You pay a one time fee for the rights to manufacture and sell our products in CD ( and/or cassette, mini disc, etc) or downloadable mp3  format. You can sell the products in any environment.

  • You will get the harmonics sent to you directly on CD.

  • You will also get a certificate that grants authority to manufacture and distribute our product.

  • You will also get access to our faq and customer support pages . You can adapt this as your brochure or develop your own.

  • You can control how you sell the product. You decide on your pricing structure and how you present the material  ( single CD, compilation,mp3, all on one mini disc, etc). The choice is yours. Tailor it to your market.

  • You are not buying a territory - you can work from anywhere and sell to everywhere.


  • You will need to purchase one or more of our business packages

  • If you wish to do the manufacturing yourself ( that's how we started) you will need a CD writer and a CD label printer. Alternatively, there are plenty of companies around who will manufacture for you and you still keep a good profit.

  • You will need ways to sell the products - a market stall, a shop outlet,  mail order,  the internet.


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