About Us

Mind Sync is a trademark and brand owned by the World of Alternatives Ltd Group.

World of Alternatives Ltd was founded in 2001 and has traded as an internet company for the whole of that time. World of Alternatives Ltd also attend and make presentations at a number of  trade shows throughout the year..

The Mind Sync Harmonics range was developed using the tried and tested technique of binaural entrainment. This technique was pioneered in the 1970's by the Monroe Institue ( Hemi Sync) . There have been many positive studies done on the technique since that time.

World of Alternatives also added the Monroe Institute Hemi Sync range to its distribution portfolio in 2005. We are registered bona fide distributors for this brand. This can be verified with the Monroe Institute.

As a company  and individuals we believe in the distribution of wealth and free flow of abundance. Our policy is to donate at least 10% of our profits per annum to registered charities. These charities include Cancer research, RSPCA, NSPCC, WWF, ASSAP and Friends of the Earth.


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